Mar 25, 2010

There's Always the NIT

I can't remember the last time my NCAA bracket picks sucked so bad. It only figures that it has happened during my first annual Seize the Bacon Bracket Challenge. It's one of those years where you're probably better off making wild ass guesses. At least that seems to be working for Sue, our current leader going into today's games. Sue admittedly "doesn't know anything about basketball." Which apparently is what it takes to succeed this year. To make matters worse, she pledges allegiance to the Kentucky Wildcats. Ugh. It doesn't get much better when you look at who is hanging on in a tie for second place. Monch and Dom have just as little basketball knowledge as Sue, they're just not man enough to admit it. And lets give a special pat on the back to Houser. Good effort buddy. I think you got three picks correct.

All is not lost, though. This still gives me a valid excuse to buy bacon flavored lip balm.

The standings through two rounds (with total points in parenthesis):

SueLunt 440
Matty_Munch 430
dsimeone 430
nick_belle 400
joero 390
ElStimplador 380
bfkrams 370
Fall of James 370
manncura 330
mouth 320
DaQuette 320
house 280


wesley's mom (sue) said...

Gosh James, when you put it like that I sound like a big sound like a sore loser.

I can smell that bacon lip balm already, and I have a nice UK frame for the autographed 5x7.

James said...

Yeah, I'm pretty much a sore loser. I really, really wanted that 5x7 of myself.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

That's kind of what I figured. Maybe next time.