Mar 16, 2010

Project Complete?

I am the king of the perpetual, close-but-not-quite-finished project. So, it's kind of a big deal when I truly complete one of my pursuits. I promised myself this year I was going to finish more projects than I start (i.e. catch up on some of the back log). Well, I've at least taken one step in the right direction. Early last year I bought Jameson a bulletin board with the intention of giving it a painted SpongeBob SquarePants theme. After many months of working on it for an hour here and an hour there, I'm finally done. The whole thing probably could have been done in a weekend if I had, you know, free time. But whatever, I'm just glad to be crossing something off the ol' list.

Though maybe I could squeeze Gary or Squidward in there... or how about a SpongeBob title... hmmmm... maybe I'm not done.

Bikini Bottom by ~MightyDeez on deviantART

Bikini Bottom - Sandy Cheeks by ~MightyDeez on deviantART

Bikini Bottom - Eugene Crabs by ~MightyDeez on deviantART

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Cheryle said...

Love it! And congratulations on crossing something off of your "need to do" list. That - all by itself - is huge in my mind!