Mar 17, 2010

My Leprechaunos

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Charity Donovan said...

Too cute!!! I love it!

I'm such an Irish slacker!!!! I'm lucky I could dig up Aidan's old shirt from last year so he didn't get pinched all day! =)

Anonymous said...

It's funny how Darwin is the only one looking at the camera...cute pic. Melissa

Alexis said...

Your kids are stinking cuties, and they sat still for a photo op to boot (go ahead James, dish on what you put in their breakfast to manage that feat). And by the way, I love Truman's shirt.

Chatter said...

Holy crap, they are getting so BIG! And little D is adorable! Loving his dimple in the picture w/amelia above. And Truman looks so old.. (and bigger than JJ). Talk soon!