Mar 24, 2010

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

As any parent knows, it's so hard to catch on film* those cute, innocent, funny, quirky things your kids do. Well, I got lucky this time. Bonus: Truman dancing at the 1:02 mark.

*Is "caught on film" still part of our lexicon? The "film" part certainly isn't accurate these days.


Anonymous said...

jameson - gorgeous.. sensitive playing. really feeling the music..

it's like he's playing while the others are destroying the house..

and truman's dancing.. umm was that dancing - or mebbe he tripped over a cat?

Trike said...

"Caught on film" no longer part of the lexicon! There's a new phrase in town! Stay tuned to this channel, film at 11!

~Amy Jo~ said...

This made my morning. Thank you!