Feb 5, 2010

Who Wants Hot Chocolate!

I know there are parts of the country that are getting pounded by snowstorms. Regions that aren't even used to snow. But here in Ohio, where we expect it, the snow fall has been a letdown. We've really only had one snow to speak of and it was only a few inches. Unfortunately, that one decent snow also came with temperatures in the teens, so it wasn't really conducive to outdoor play for toddlers. Luckily, the cold snap ended giving us a couple of days of thirty degree weather with the snow still around. We took advantage and bundled up for some winter recreation. The kids loved it, but it wasn't long before hats and gloves were falling off, snot was flowing, and frostbite was beckoning. Despite their protests, it was time to return the little ones to the warmth of the house. Truman and Amelia were NOT happy. Amelia would barely speak to me and Truman had a hard time letting go of the "snowman." (Truman calls all snow, "snowman.")




They're predicting more snow tonight and the groundhog said we have six more weeks of winter, so maybe there's still hope.


Charity Donovan said...

Now THAT is what I call a snowman!!! Awesomeness! I bet it was hard to tear them away from that! I'm wanting to take our crew out but think I'll wait until it stops pounding down! It's has been crazy here today!

Trike said...

You see how they are with snow? That's exactly how Hannah was with the pool.

Her lips would be blue, she couldn't stop shaking and would scream bloody murder if we took her out of the water.

That's why we called her H-Bomb.

Kirst said...

Those photos tug at my heart and make me extremely jealous, I've barely seen any snow this year. Also, posted some stuff about my trip if you want to check it out.