Feb 16, 2010

We Finally Gots Da Snow

Oh yes. It's a winter freakin' wonderland here.

PICT7985I one day hope to own a chair with a cushion that thick.

PICT7983I don't think this "Arctic Cat" is going anywhere.


Trike said...

Looks like our regular winter here. I love the winter wonderland. Right now we've gotten about 4 inches in the past hour. A pain to shovel, but when the sun comes out, it's so gorgeous here it makes me weep. Manly he-man outdoorsy tears, but weep nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

awesome...hope the kids enjoy it


James said...

I was getting mighty jealous watching the rest of the country get piles of the white stuff. I love winter and snow. (But I don't think I could take it from November to May.)

And I'm familiar with those tears. They smell like pine and are as thick as motor oil.

But they're tears nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

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