Feb 25, 2010

She Missed the Memo


Two years old going on twenty. Prefers to spend the day shirtless. Hairstyle: matted. Laughs like Bluto. Walks like a cowboy. Spits like one, too.

Disney won't ever make a movie about her, but she's still my princess.



Charity Donovan said...

I think she would get along with Meredith FAMOUSLY! =)

Chatter said...

Lol! Oh Miss Amelia you need to hang out with your cousin Halle!

Urchin said...

Yes Amelia, you and Hal could be great gal pals with the ability to put some males to shame. (Like the ones who try to spit & it drips down their chin or the ones who don't know how to belch...for example)

Anonymous said...

I think it's in the Homan genes. I still don't comb my hair or wear make-up. I find it all so confusing.


Mander said...

I love this girl! She's definitely going to be able to hold her own!
I can't wait till she gets older for me to teach her a thing or two!