Feb 2, 2010

Portrait of a Lizard

Darwin has the longest tongue. Ever. And he spends 80% of his day with the thing hanging out of his mouth. He can roll it and flip it over, too. None of our other kids have such a long tongue or had a habit of wagging it. This trait is uniquely Darwin (and a genetic hand-me-down from Julie).





Urchin said...

Cute, adorable Darwin! It reminds me of Amanda touching her tongue to her chin....although I don't know if she still possesses the skill.

my name is Amanda said...

Haha! This is priceless.

Mander said...

I haven't tried doing that in years, nor am I going to attempt that while sitting at work. I might get some crazy stares!

Anonymous said...

awww those pictures are too cute


Chatter said...

That's awesome!! He is too cute J&J! Wish I could get my hands on him sooner than Labor Day.