Feb 23, 2010

It's a Narrow Window

The kids have no idea how little I know about bowling. Or many other subjects, for that matter. For now, I am a limitless well of knowledge for them. I'm the Dad. I'm the smartest, fastest, strongest, handsomest, funniest, bravest person they know. I can beat all video games. I can kiss away all injuries. I know how all movies will end. I can play all sports. I can finish all puzzles. I know why animals do what they do. I can build anything. I can cook anything. I know how cars move and planes fly. I can draw the best pictures and build the coolest forts.

I'm pretty awesome.

For now. It's a narrow window. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.



Melanie's Randomness said...

awwww that is one of the cutest pictures ever!

Caroline said...

It is indeed a narrow window. I have a friend whose five-year-old just told her she needs to go to school some more.

When she asked why, he responded, "Because, Mommy, you don't even know why God put a pig on our planet."

James said...

That's hilarious, Caroline. There should be a bar exam for getting licensed to parent preschoolers.

Trike said...

I'll bet that they hope they're as smart as dad someday.


James said...

Whoa. Great minds...

Doug, I was getting ready to scan that very strip in tonight to post here. Thanks for saving me the trouble. Jameson likes to read my Calvin and Hobbes collections some nights and we had just read that one a few days ago. (Which probably subconsciously triggered this post to begin with.)

Trike said...

Some of the all-time greatest strips from the all-time greatest comic strip involve Calvin's dad.

In a couple years it will be time for the "guess you don't have to take a test to be a dad" strip.

In the meantime, you and the kids can reenact the awesome snowmen dioramas Calvin created. here's a site for inspiration:


James said...

Calvin's dad = most underrated comic strip character ever

Urchin said...

Awwww....great post James.

You're kids still think you're great? Maybe I messed up...?

And Caroline's comment made me laugh out loud. That's so something I know for a fact two of my boys would say.