Jan 25, 2010

We All Fall Down

I've been trying to take more video of the kids lately. At times, the speed at which they are growing can be nauseating and these little movies are the only available medicine. Unfortunately, these drugs only treat the symptoms. The fact remains that sooner rather than later my children will sell me and my sentimentality down the river by actually growing up. And that will leave me alone in the dark somewhere watching these old movies with tears streaming down my cheeks. I just hope no one opens the attic door on me.

Darwin continues down the path to chattiness like his big sibs. Here he gets angry with the little plastic sunshine that just won't get... in... his... mouth.

Ring Around the Rosey followed by a little Amelia booty shaking.

Amelia has no time for watching pins fall.

Truman attempts to will the bowling pins to fall over.


kimba said...

giggling.. think my affections are leaning more toward Truman now.. will have to wrestle P at the post office when you finally send him over to australia..

Trike said...

Truman is hilarious. A sorcerer's apprentice if e'er I have seen one.

Anonymous said...

Nice reference in your opening paragraph.


the projectivist said...

those kids are adorable.
i'm loving Truman's bowling technique. it's all in the fingers!

i hope that you're taking tips from him?

Urchin said...

They do grow up way too fast. Your children are adorable and I enjoyed all the videos, but something about Truman raising his arms in such a way made me chuckle. And great intro paragraph. So true....