Jan 10, 2010


Side note: My wife just completed an actual blog post. Check it out. Who knows how long it will be until she posts again. And yes, I saw the movie Footloose for the first time in 2009.

  • Big Love returns tonight. Oh Nicki, where will your crazed little mind lead you this year...
  • The Christmas tree came down yesterday.
  • Darwin checked in at 16 lbs. 9 oz. at his four month check up. Puts him in 75th percentile in height, weight and noggin size. Truman may get his comeuppance sooner rather than later.
  • Jameson rediscovered his cowboy hat. He spent the morning running around the house as The Renowned Sheriff J.J. - World Famous Hero of the World. He knew we were in trouble because he saw us on the news and he came to help.
  • Remember that little Wii problem? I totally fixed that bitch. Sort of. I took the busted Wii completely apart. Stared blankly at its electronic guts. Put it back together. And it magically started working again. How do you like dem apples, Hools?
  • I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Laser tag is now the official annual birthday tradition. I kicked ass. Amelia has been singing "Happy birthday, choo-choo" ever since.
  • I still have more pictures to post from December. At this rate I should get a chance to tell you all about my 2010 resolutions by St. Patrick's Day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ChooChoo!

Hoolie said...

You got lucky, old man.

Trike said...

You have to get all the resolutions out before the 17th, because that's the day you break them all, my brother.

Trike said...

I mean "my brother" in the black sense. Black Irish, that is.

Chatter said...

I still can't believe Conner weighed 20lbs at 16 weeks. Let's see a pic of the little chunk Darwin. I like the bullet post, maybe I can squeeze in a blogpost after all. Glad the b'day was fun and the wii is fixed.
p.s. I have a phone as of yesterday (only took me a couple months).

Jay Ferris said...

If it makes you feel any better, I've never seen Footloose, Titanic, Schindler's List, or The Godfather.