Jan 1, 2011

I Hate Rabbits

Here's the plan for 2011. Nothing too fancy. I'll have some fun, dust off some old hobbies and maybe earn some walking money.  I'll learn a skill or two for when the zombies attack and another skill or two for when Hoolie attacks. Not sure what I'll do when zombie Hoolie attacks, though.

Here's to my 35th consecutive year of livin' and lovin'.

1.  Get a place of my own.  Our own that is. Living under someone else's roof is great and all, but I want to walk around in my underwear again.

2.  Learn how to make some kind of kick ass coconut cake. I have no idea why I want to learn this. It just seems like it might come in handy.

3.  Watch one essential 80s movie per month. When it comes to movies, it's like I blacked out in the eighties. What can I say, we didn't have cable. It's finally time to make amends.

4.  Learn how to tie 3 different kinds of knots. It would be hypocritical of me to demand that my kids were proficient knot tiers if I can't tie any knots myself.

5.  Launch a website. There's this new thing called the "internet." And I've got this great idea...

6.  Draw at least one sketch per week. I used to draw. All the time. Now I'm not sure I even know how.

7.  Run a marathon. Did the half marathon. It's the next logical step.

8.  Launch my photography business. Someone's gotta pay for this new house.

9.  Take the kids to the beach. It is time. As long as Julie can stop getting pregnant long enough for us to go on vacation.

10.  Read a book. That's right. Uh book. As in one. Uno. Baby steps. We'll move on from there.

11. Do not watch another vampire movie of any kind. This might be a standing resolution for the rest of my life.


Rebecca said...

Yes, I'm sure this "getting pregnant thing" is all Julie's fault.

I love the vampire movie idea.

What's your new idea?

Charity Donovan said...

It's probably a crime (truly) for having missed all the 80's movies. Move this to the top of the list.

Ahhhhhhhh.....the beach...we need to do that again as well -- now to figure out how to handle that long of a drive with this many toddlers. You first...then give me tips!

James said...

It's a secret, Rebecca.

Charity - Good, you can help me pick out the movies.

Trike said...

Now the all-photos, no-words book you gave me for Xmas last year makes sense.

This also means you haven't read the way-awesome book I gave to you. Read it!

Catastrophe Waitress said...

Number 11 is just CRAZY talk!

You deserve to be taken by the HoolieZombies for even thinking that.

Now hurry up with that coconut cake!