Dec 11, 2009

Terrible Times Two and the Velvet Failure

A couple of weeks ago Truman and Amelia turned two. I would say that so far they are both living up to the Terrible Two moniker. As expected, they are each taking different approaches to their reign of terror.

One of Truman's many nicknames is "Truminator" and it's fitting his two year old personality quite well. If something can be broken, spilt, crushed, thrown, knocked over, eaten, ripped, dismantled or otherwise ravaged, Truman is focused on it like a laser. He has an antagonistic relationship with any and all objects at rest.

Amelia is taking a different route. What she lacks in destructive force she makes up for in unbridled independence and defiance. She thinks she's twenty-two and has little need for parents or older brothers interfering in her day-to-day pursuits. From teeth brushing to diaper changes and car seat buckling to eating there is only one thing to remember with Amelia -- SHE DOES NOT NEED YOUR HELP. Should you attempt to intervene, be prepared for a spectacular verbal onslaught of "NO!" and "STOPPIT!" I lose sleep over the thought of what she'll be like as a teenager.

The one area where Truman and Amelia are on the same page is bedtime. Unfortunately, the page they are on is "How Not to Go to Sleep at All Costs." This one has me stumped. Up until recently, Truman and Amelia had been extremely easy to put down for bedtime and naps. No fussing. No complaining. Just walk in, put them in bed and walk out. Now all of a sudden, bedtime is an outrageous ordeal. No matter how tired they are, they will not go to sleep at night. They'll carry on. They'll get out of bed. They'll get in each other's beds. They'll go into Jameson's room. I've seen Amelia start to fall asleep at the dinner table yet fight sleep for over an hour once I put her in bed. It's only slightly maddening. On the bright side, it's so exhausting that I easily fall asleep at night right after they do.

Jameson didn't really have a terrible two stage. Julie and I both thought that with Jameson three was a much tougher age than two. Knowing that, I am not sure if I should be relieved or scared. Maybe Truman and Amelia are getting it out of their system earlier than Jameson did. On the other hand, maybe this is just some grotesque harbinger of the insanity to come when Truman and Amelia reach age three.

On a side note, I baked a cake for Truman and Amelia's birthday. Since we needed two cakes, I asked my mom to bake a second one for me. But it was more than just a simple confectionary request. I basically challenged her to make the exact same recipe I was making. In general, this challenge is a joke because she can bake circles around me. In this particular case it was futility at it's finest since the recipe of choice was actually one of her specialties: Waldorf-Astoria red velvet cake. I've never tasted one as good as hers and I've never made one much more than edible. Comparing our two cakes was almost laughable.

PICT6804 (1)

PICT6824 (1)

PICT6823 (1)

PICT6881 (1)

PICT6858 (1)

PICT6799 (1)
Mine tasted better as batter.

PICT6825 (1)The losing cake.

PICT6830 (1)The winning cake.


Chatter said...

Happy Birthday Truman & Amelia!! Continue to keep your dad on his toes, leaving us entertained :). You two are getting SO big and somehow even cuter.

Great pics James!

Anonymous said...

Clara's french toast sounds delicious and her cake looks scrumptious. So does your James, nice job. Our mothers can bake so well. I did not inherit the "baking/cooking" gene. I got the um "whole foods makes great stuff" gene. The kids are adorable and happy 2nd birthday Truman and Amelia. I'm planning on being home for Labor Day. Please bring the kids.

ps. Anytime you want to make a car trip, CO is beautiful.

Trike said...

Hmm, maybe we should tell you the secret of getting 2-year-olds to sleep now... nah.

Charity Donovan said...

Happy Birthday Truman & Amelia!!! Adorable pics James & for what it's worth -- BOTH cakes look delicious! I think maybe Amelia & Meredith were split up at birth...or maybe it's a
"girl" thing but HOLY H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS, I so feel your pain & sheer terror over the teenage years!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are being nice and saying both cakes look delicious, let me tell BOTH were not. ONE was, ONE was not. EM

Anonymous said...

OK.. so initially I thought yours was the winner - it's so big and tall in the photo, compared to the other cake's layers.. then I took a gooooooood look.. and yes.. your mum's looks moist and lovely.. and yours.. well.. it is tall..

Must go and look up that recipe now James.. xx

James said...

Yeah, my cake was pretty non-cake like. Sweet. But not good. Even mom's frosting was significantly better. Upon detailed examination of the photos, you can absolutely see which one is the winner.

Not to worry, though. I'll be trying again. And all of you lucky enough to be coming over here on Christmas will get to sample the carnage.

stacey said...

Maybe you just needed some sprinkles, James ?!

Jay Ferris said...

Thankfully, all you have to do is draw a superhero on your cake for the 2-year-olds to like it better.

Hannah said...

Mom's = was moist and tasty and the icing was smooth and creamy.

James' = Dry and crumbly with grainy icing. Sorry :(