Dec 17, 2009

So Flossy

Jameson and I had dentist appointments again about a month ago. This was only Jameson's second visit to the dentist. I went out on a limb this time and scheduled our cleanings for the same time. That's not an insignificant detail. On his first visit, we had back to back appointments so that he could witness my cleaning and then get his teeth checked with me at his side. Let's face it, the dentist office can be an intimidating place for anyone, let alone a three year old on his first visit. This time, with simultaneous appointments, Jameson was going to be on his own. Granted, we would be in earshot of each other in our separate rooms across a small hallway, but I had my worries about how well he would handle it sans dad. Apparently my worries were unfounded. When they called our names, he took the lead heading back in the office. He asked what room I would be in and what room he would be in and then headed straight for his chair without me. I was slightly amazed at his confidence (and a little saddened by his independence). I don't remember ever being all that scared of visiting the dentist as a child, but I don't think I had Jameson's confidence, either. I must say I was more than a little proud of how well he handled the entire visit. It helps that our dentist, Dr. Greg Buerschen, is really good with kids and those of us that like to talk. Jameson is, of course, both. Jameson often mentions Dr. Greg while brushing his teeth at night and will comment about how impressed Dr. Greg is going to be when he checks his teeth next time. Jameson is very thorough about his oral hygiene. Our typical nighttime routine involves Jameson with a solo round of brushing followed by me taking a second go at removing all the "sugar bugs." Jameson is also down with the flossing. He really likes keeping his teeth clean. It's one habit I hope he never outgrows.

PICT6778 (1)His flossing style is... interesting.

PICT6782 (1)Jameson insisted that I take a picture of the inside of his mouth when he was done brushing his teeth. Upon seeing the result he cackled and exclaimed, "That's the grossest thing I've ever seen! Let's go show mom and scare her!"