Dec 23, 2009


It's a bullet list kinda day.

  • I know nothing about building furniture. But that's not stopping me.

  • The car in the banner above is my mom's 1973 Camaro LT. This blue beauty lasted long enough for me to get to drive her in high school. A few years later she met an untimely fate when a drunk driver plowed into her a couple hundred feet from my college house. My sister was driving at the time and was fortunately unharmed. The Camaro, however, was totaled. I'll own another one someday.

  • Visual you don't need: I was changing Amelia's diaper the other night. I had just showered and was shirtless. Amelia points at my chest, or more specifically my chest hair, and exclaims, "Shirt!" You're welcome, readers.

  • With the exception of some beer, all Christmas presents were purchased online this year. Our house looks like an Amazon warehouse.

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