Dec 16, 2009

Bend Over and I'll Show You

We are late. About everything. Parties. Movies. Appointments. Menstrual cycles. We are always late.

With one exception. Getting our Christmas tree. We actually get our tree the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving and get it decorated within a day or two. We're "live tree" people, which I'm told these days makes us environmentalists. Apparently the fake trees involve so many nasty chemicals that it's better to cut down a real one. Anyway, we rush to get ours up. (Taking it down... that's another story. Hello, Super Bowl Tree!)

I know everyone says this, but the days really fly by at this time of year. My brain is still processing Halloween and here we are only a couple of weeks away from the end of the year. I think having kids only amplifies the sensation of accelerated passage of time. One thing is different this year, though. Despite the days whizzing by, I've been able to enjoy and appreciate this time of year so much more now that I'm staying home with the kids. Back when I was a sucker gainfully employed, the final fleeting days of the year were by far the busiest and most stressful times for me. Last year I would have been relishing the holidays not because of time spent with friends and family but because so many of my coworkers would be taking vacation time of their own. Their absence would mean fewer distractions and encumbrances and I could be more productive. So sad.

Now it's different. Now my "job" is my kids. I get to focus all my attention on them. And that means things like pine trees, twinkle lights, iced cookies and 1960s stop motion animation rather than budgets, sales goals, performance reviews and incentive plans. The days still slip away faster and faster and the stress can be just as immense, but putting up a Christmas tree in November and actually being around to enjoy it with my children is something I should have been doing all along. Now excuse me...

Truman! Leave those ornaments alone! Amelia! Stop sticking your hand in the tree water! No Jameson, you CANNOT have EVERY toy you see on TV!

PICT6948Yes, Truman is absent here. He opted for napping over Christmas tree selection.

PICT6955Through my entire childhood I was seriously disappointed that our Christmas tree always fit in the back of our van or station wagon. There's just something about a tree tied to the roof of the car... I'm sure Clark Griswold would agree.

PICT6991And let's not forget Flyer basketball, one of the best parts of December.

PICT6966Hopefully Grandpa keeps funneling UD tickets our way.


Jay Ferris said...

What, no shirtless pics of you, axe in hand? You know, for the ladies.

John Campbell said...

haha... I love the pic of your son flashing his tickets. That's awesome.

My wife and I are expecting our first in March. While I'm not going to be a stay at home dad, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your blog.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

real trees are soooo much better than artificial