Nov 17, 2009

November Camping

If the weather cooperates, most years we take a short camping trip during the first weekend of November. To me, perfect camping weather requires jeans and a sweatshirt during the day and bundling up in a heavy sleeping bag at night. That's pretty much what we got this year. Unfortunately, my perfect camping weather is inappropriate for the two and under crowd, but, fortunately, this meant Jameson and I got to spend some time with just each other.

The scenery was beautiful and the hikes were nice, but the highlight of the weekend was lying in the tent at night with Jameson pondering the mysteries of life. I can barely recall what was said, but I can clearly remember the smile that wouldn't leave my face. It was a smile that arose from a remarkable mix of pride, whimsy, admiration, awe and endearment. Nights like those are nourishment for the soul. Oh, and watching Jameson pee on a tree like a man was cool, too.






Cliff Alexander said...

I don't want to take away from your writing, because it's great, but you have beautiful pics. What kid of camera are you using?

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Beautiful photographs!

James said...

Thanks guys. The camera I'm using is a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D. It's fairly old -- the brand was bought out by Sony and is now their Alpha line.

Chatter said...

Ahhh... the late night chats and uncontrolable smiling. Good stuff! Great pics too James.

the projectivist said...

get a flickr account James!

James said...

I have a flickr account! Click on any of these pictures to go to it.

my name is Amanda said...

I love this story. The photos are great, too!

Richard and Jean said...

Hi. I have a blog at where I feature people's posts about camping, and I would like to send my readers your way. Of course I would give you credit for quotes and would link back to your site.

Thanks for considering this,

Jean B. in SC