Nov 10, 2009

Broke My Wii

Our Wii has been out of commission for the last few months. There appears to be something wrong with the DVD drive. Everything else seems to be in working order. We can play any of our downloaded content, but the game discs won't load.

I announced tonight that I would be disassembling the Wii and returning this console to it's former glory. I have no experience in this sort of endeavor, but that's never stopped me before. I mean, how hard can it be?

Upon hearing my announcement, Julie quickly offered her dutiful spousal support.

"You have no idea what you're doing. You can't fix that thing."

Oh yeah, Julie? Well now I'm going to fix this thing even harder.

(And by harder, it's safe to assume that means running out and buying a new Wii when I've thoroughly busted this one.)


Maggie May said...

hm. sounds like MY husband.:)

Jay Ferris said...

I believe in you! Just Google your way to expert Wii repairmen status -- just like I did when my Xbox broke a few years back!

WILLIAM said...

I am sure you can fix it harder.

the projectivist said...

you're missing out, so hurry up and fixalise it already!
i've been playing soul calibur with my son. gosh those girls are well-endowed, aren't they?

James said...

First snag: I need a triwing screwdriver (which is apparently the standard for all Nintendo products). It's en route from Amazon. It's amazing how many tutorials are available on the ol' net with detailed instructions for repairing game consoles. Confidence = boosted.

P - It's only a matter of time before female characters in video games are just a pair of ginormous breasts with arms and legs sticking out of them.

the projectivist said...

yes. they're quite gravity-defying (the breasts that is), and not a sports bra in sight!

i have Caliber Arm.
that's the official medical term for it.