Oct 27, 2009

Weekend Recap: Slaughter in Cincinnati

Well, the super awesome fun football trip to Cincinnati to watch the Bears was a little less super awesome fun than expected. The Bengals destroyed the Bears. It was one of the most awful football games I've ever witnessed.

Take away the actual game and it was a great day.

Forte and Bennet debating about who will be more irrelevant during the game.

Palmer throwing one of his thirteen first quarter touchdowns.

Knox may have returned more kicks than the Bears had first downs.

Cutler pointing out which defensive back would be on the receiving end of his next throw.

Palmer wondering if he could hit himself on a fade route against this defense.

Olsen making the most of one of his four catches.

Garrett Wolfe representing how the Bears offense looked and felt all night.

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Jay Ferris said...

Crazy -- I mean, I can SEE your pictures of the Bears' defense, despite the fact that they very obviously did not show up for that game at all. Just another of the many reasons why I'll never get sports.