Oct 30, 2009

Melon Farmer

Jameson grew his own pumpkin this year. By grew, I mean he and Julie threw some pumpkin seeds in my parents' pseudo-garden in their back yard. That was pretty much it. Somehow, amazingly, a lone pumpkin actually developed. I'm no pumpkin expert (though I've been told my head resembles one), but this one turned out pretty good. It was at least good enough to carve into a jack-o'-lantern. Good size and shape. Nice color. Only mildly nibbled on by back yard rodents. Minimal bug infestation. A real prize winner.

It kind of makes me think all these pumpkin sellers around town are big scam artists. Whatever they're charging for pumpkins, it's got to be a rip-off. If we could grow this thing with our careful neglect and disregard, how are they getting away with charging anything for them. I mean, pumpkins are apparently one step above a weed. If it weren't for Halloween, they'd probably be considered a nuisance species.

Anyway. Having completely forgotten about it, Jameson was pretty excited to find this thing resting in my parents dirt garden the other day. We brought it home and Jameson drew up the plans for the jack-o'-lantern. I, as usual, did all the hard work and carved it. Four years of age is plenty old enough to handle a butcher knife where I come from. Kids today are so soft. Jameson doesn't have to cut down his own Christmas tree either, but that's another story. I guess it's OK though. The Dad Tax on trick-or-treat candy is going to be higher than usual this year.




Keith and Jamie said...

Seriously...great Pumpkin, makes an awesome Jack-o-lantern! So, you grew your own...how long did it take? I would like to grow my own for next year...and I have dirt. Seems fairly easy...what do you suggest?

my name is Amanda said...

When I was about 5 or 6, we grew some (very low maintenance) watermelon in the backyard, and it was so fun to witness the fruits (I know, terrible) of our labor. Kudos to Jameson for the pumpkin! And kudos to dad for the seriously nifty carving job!

I remember paying $3 at a local farm for a pumpkin during college...are they so expensive now?

Chatter said...

Awesome job James!! That's so serious carving skills. Great picture of Jameson with the pumpkin!

James said...

Thanks, but the carving is really not exceptional. A very quick hack job. Strangely, I've never had a pumpkin that was so easy to scoop and carve. Maybe I'm biased.

James said...

Oh, and I don't really have any advice on growing them. We bought some seeds at Home Depot, threw them in my parents' backyard and forgot about them. As low maintenance as they get.