Oct 31, 2009

I Went a Little Camera Crazy

I'm quickly realizing that rule number one of successful parenting is wear out your kids. Send them outside and run them like sled dogs. It solves so many problems. It takes the fight out of them. It makes dinner and bedtime a breeze. It fights boredom. It makes the time fly.

One of the greatest satisfactions of parenting is pouring an exhausted toddler into bed at night a half an hour early without so much as a whimper of protest. Bam. They're out cold for the night. I took my own advice the other day, taking advantage of unbelievably warm weather, and carted the kids over to my parents' tree covered, oversized backyard.

Have I mentioned that I think Fall is the bestest time of the year? As if my season crush wasn't strong enough, you can add to it one more thing: the simple fact that there are leaves on the ground will give small children hours of no-mess, enough-to-go-around-for-everyone entertainment.

I also took advantage of the warmer weather by going a little camera crazy on the kids while they played in the leaves. I hadn't gone full on photo shoot with them in awhile so I was a little trigger happy. Sorry if I just like totally killed your bandwidth.

This was earlier in the morning before it warmed up.
Not sure why Truman is hamming it up all of a sudden.

PICT6210Yeah, I'm watching you boys.

PICT6231Yes, Andersen, I will be taking your picture all day.

PICT6243Run, son, RUN! Keep running! Are you tired? Run some more!

PICT6247Maverick and Goose

PICT6263Leaves! Hell yeah!

PICT6276You get buried in the leaves, you jump out of the leaves.
You get buried in the leaves, you jump...

PICT6302Truman likes to make rapid messes. Legos, leaves, macaroni and cheese... whatever.

PICT6278I'm on a leaf pile, motherf#%er!

PICT6308Still getting buried in the leaves. Still jumping out of the leaves.

PICT6312I'm buried, right? No one can see me, right? Hello?

PICT6333I been goin' so leaf crazy my hat's all crooked. Damn!

PICT6341Leaves. Are. So. Awesome.

PICT6380If you gots to get leaves out of your pants, you gots to get leaves out of your pants.

PICT6393We play hard, we eat ice cream hard.

PICT6406This may look like an upset child.
What you're actually viewing is a child that is exhausted and all in favor of an early bedtime. Success!

PICT6416Spaghetti for dinner. Gotta carbo-load for the next day.

PICT6413Take me to bed!


Jim said...

I'm on a boat mother*@#$%&! and don't you forget!

Chatter said...

Cute pics James!! Thanks for the update with photo's. They are all getting SO stinking big. Only 11 more months until Labor Day 2010 and I'll get my hands on them (and they'll be huge)!

my name is Amanda said...

Haha! Love all of them, but the best has to be the one of the twins eating ice cream.

shannon said...

these are some seriously adorable photos! seriously. and i said that already, didn't i?. anyway, found your site over @ multiples and more.