Oct 30, 2009


Darwin at 9 weeks and 4 days:
  • You cry only when hungry (for the most part).
  • You smile A LOT (especially for Mom).
  • You are the center of Amelia's world.
  • You are very strong.
  • You are starting to suck on your hand to self soothe.
  • You continue to fatten up -- you're in the 98th percentile for weight.
  • You sleep through most of the night (in Mom and Dad's bed).
  • Jameson thinks you are "super cute."
  • Jameson continues to call you "Bob" as he has since you were conceived.
  • Amelia has taken to calling you "Bobby."
  • Mom loves to call you Darkwing.
  • You rarely cry on car trips or when out and about.
  • You have enormous dimples.
  • You can fill a diaper like it's nobody's business.



Chatter said...

More pictures please :).
Great to hear he's still such a good baby. So cute too!

Cheryle said...

He's a cutie. Nice work, mom & dad!

James said...

Chandra, wouldn't it be easier to just have one of your own???