Sep 16, 2009

A Hard Day's Night

Jameson is yearning for the start of school. He already talks about how much he's going to love it. His tongue can barely keep up with his brain as he tries to explain all the wonderful knowledge he's going to acquire. Already I can tell that the kindergarten teacher he has envisioned is no less brilliant than Stephen Hawking, more magnificent than Albus Dumbledore and as altruistic as Mother Teresa. Jameson can get fired up about many things, but nothing compares to his enthusiasm for school. God help his teachers.

But, alas, he's not even four years old yet. So in the meantime, he makes do with books, cards and posters typical of the average kindergarten classroom.

Today, he fell asleep while making his way through a workbook in search of an erudite grasp of his ABCs and 123s. I imagine I'll find him similarly positioned in his teenage years, cobbling together a European Vacation project the night before it's due in his civics class.


Trike said...

Ah, dream big, young Jameson, for that's the only proper way to truly see your dreams crushed.

Also: I like the pen explosion residue all over that chair.

Anonymous said...

I remember being so excited to go to school when I was little. I absolutely could not wait and I hated seeing the others leave without me. I was so delusional.

That's a cute pic.


Jay Ferris said...

Make sure you use that hunger for knowledge to teach him the truth about government, girls, and Christopher Columbus before the public education system gets their claws into him!

Anonymous said...

yeah i do not remember ever being excited for school. good for Jameson - he'll do great when the time comes!


Anonymous said...

That's so cute! I adore him!

Maggie May said...

i LOVE the eager's hard to keep them that way in public school