Sep 7, 2009

Busy as Ever Part I

Everyone who blogs is busy.

So I'll spare you the explanation of how crazy busy it's been around here and I'll just get to the pictures that have been clogging up my camera for the last few weeks.

This was taken at cousin Andersen's birthday party.
Darwin was born less than 24 hours later.

Truman is getting quite used to the cut-that-out-and-get-your-butt-over-here hold.

My sister's dog, Mattie. I just like this picture.

The other dog of the family. My mom's new mutt, Sadie.

Prior to the beard shaving I was considering a career in bongo drumming.

Are my babies starting to look old or what???

I really, really, really want a good macro lens for my birthday.

Like I said, are my babies starting to look old or what???


Anonymous said...

Amelia looks a lot like Julie - thanks for sharing the cute pics


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos - is that fried chicken they have on their plates?! Never tried it but sure hear a lot about fried chicken from America!!

the projectivist said...

your babies are beautiful.

i also wish you well in your bongo playing career.

James said...

It's not fried chicken, but it's another American picnic staple -- sloppy joe. I didn't even realize fried chicken was an American exclusive. It's delicious, but it's one of the single worst foods you can eat.