Aug 17, 2009

Wonder Twin Powers... Activate!

Sometimes I forget that Truman and Amelia are twins. Things are always so busy around here that I'm usually just focused on the fact that I have a bunch of kids running around. The last thing on my mind is the fact that two of them were born together.

When I do stop and think about it, I always consider how unique it is that Amelia and Truman are twins. They shared a womb for eight months. They entered this world mere minutes apart. They spend every night sleeping a few feet away from one another. They're a part of each other's lives in a way that us singletons could never experience or understand.

But where the hell are all the cool twin powers already?

The twins aren't inseparable. They're nothing alike. They don't have a secret language only they understand. They don't feel each other's pain. They don't complete each other's sentences. They don't pretend to be one another with zany, madcap antics that bewilder their unknowing dates at the local movieplex. They mostly just terrorize each other.

Which makes me wonder if Truman and Amelia aren't ordinary twins. I hope they become the best of friends, but right now Truman would rather bite Amelia and Amelia would rather steal and hide Truman's pants. In looks, Truman and Jameson are the twins. In personality, Amelia and Jameson are the twins. It's all very confusing. Maybe their twin powers won't show up until they stumble upon some weird alien crystal or a canister of radioactive green slime. Or maybe it happens when they hit puberty.

There are two times, though, when I do get a glimpse of that special twin bond. When they are conspiring to get into trouble. And when they read together. Maybe there's still hope for some cool telepathic powers. (Vegas, here we come.)


Charity Donovan said...

I feel your pain! I thought "Wow! Quads - they'll have a cool language all their own!" Yeaaaaahhhh...that just bit me in the butt & now I have to have some speech therapist in here every other week! I think I'll keep telling myself that the "Nell" speech that they have acquired is quad powers!!! LOL!

I too am waiting for the day that they can zap their own food with some special quad laser beam from their eyes. Then I will no longer have to wait the 60 seconds to heat up pancakes! I probably should stop holding my breath! =)

THE BOOK READING SESSIONS make all the craziness worth it though!!! Don't those moments melt your heart & get you thru the next couple of hours of chaos! =)

Chatter said...

Love these pics James! Landon and Biruk were sitting on the floor together this morning and I thought 'oh, I just love the bond they have' and it wasn't but 8 seconds later and Landon was biting Biruk.

Kirst said...

Superpowers when they hit puberty??? Gosh, don't you read comics or at least watch movie version of them...