Aug 18, 2009

Some Pig!

As you may recall, we went to a county fair a couple Fridays ago. Somehow, despite living in Ohio and being related to half a dozen farmers, I don't recall ever visiting a fair before. I'd never been invited, compelled or forced to go to one (at least as I can remember). So, since I have nothing better to do with my time and I'm always available to do pretty much anything these days, I packed up the kiddos and headed out to Xenia for some good ol' livestock and fried stuff fun.

It was a bad idea.

The fair itself was fine, I suppose, but it was a mismatch of circumstances and environment. The circumstances being me with three toddlers and my mom with another toddler and the environment being a festival of food, games and rides with a allure all too powerful for the patience and understanding of a three year old.

It was fun getting to hang out with Grandma and cousin Andersen, but I think this would have been a more manageable trip if we were minus one toddler or plus one adult. And it could have been an outstanding trip if it were just Jameson and I. As it stood, though, we had more tykes than my mom could handle alone for any great length of time. This meant I couldn't separate myself from the caravan to let Jameson fully enjoy the carnival ride utopia spread out before him. It was essentially torture for him. It would have been like taking me to a bacon and consumer electronics festival without treating me to any of the wares while I watched a bunch of other guys gorging themselves on pork and mashing buttons on the coolest gadgets imaginable.

It was a hot day. And three out four kids were due for a nap. And the fourth kid was being repeatedly denied access to super awesome fun-ness.

It wasn't a complete disaster. We just didn't plan well. Jameson got to ride a handful of attractions and we of course ate plenty of junk food. It just could have been better.

No fair can ever really be that bad of an experience. At what other single location can you buy traditional foods from all around the world prepared in the most unauthentic, heart attack inducing way?

Next time, bring extra hands.

"You're going to eat me, aren't you?"
"Deep fried if I'm lucky."

See, Jameson had plenty of fun on the rides he did get to enjoy!


Trike said...

How have you managed to never go to a county fair before? I find that completely unpossible.

Must be the new electronic age you were born into, since I've been to nearly every county fair throughout southwest Ahia multiple times, not to mention the state fair.

Funnel cakes! Livestock... odors! Poorly maintained carny rides! Heat! Dust! Things sculpted from butter!

Anonymous said...

really nothing better than fair food - i can't believe this is your first time either, that is like unamerican

James said...

If I have been to a county fair before, I just don't remember it. I can't imagine my dad not dragging me to one at some point in my childhood.

the projectivist said...

ooooh i'm drooling at the thought of all that unauthentic, heart-attack inducing food. most of which is probably fried. deep fried.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fair food, one of those carnival food vendors That tow their carts to all the local festivals opened a permanent shop by my apartment. They advertise fried twinkies and fried Oreos.

Casey said...

I, for one, love the fair. And I'm from California so you know it is the small, sanitized version of a fair, LOL.