Aug 22, 2009

My Wife Is Hot

Have I ever mentioned how hot my wife is? Super hot. Beautiful. She caught my interest many, many years ago and at the time I thought the attraction was the fact that she was an amazingly gifted soccer player who always wore her hair in a ponytail. (As a teenager that was pretty much my definition of smokin'.)

As it turns out, what I was really falling in love with was her incredible focus, devotion and passion -- it just so happened that at that time in her life soccer was at the heart of that passion. She talks a little bit about it here. (See, I told you she was hot.)

To this day I'm not exactly sure how I snagged such a determined woman. I've seen her accomplish so many amazing things and with each new endeavor I'm blown away all over again. (Next on the list: Delivering our fourth child. Which will be immediately followed by black belt earning and half-marathon training.) She may not be a ponytailed soccer player anymore, but she just keeps getting more beautiful to me.

Oh, and one other thing... she'll always be hot in my book simply because she can kick my brother's ass.

1 comment:

Trike said...

Everyone can kick Kip's ass. If he didn't have the self-defense mechanism of becoming eel-slippery with pit sweat, he'd be dead by now.

Here's hoping Julie doesn't have a "you did this to me!" moment in the delivery room. Because hospital gowns have a pretty free range of movement and her hands are lethal weapons.