Aug 8, 2009

Headin' for a Weddin' Part I

Before I start, let me just point out that the title of this blog post suddenly took me back to the 8th grade when our class performed the play, "Headin' for a Weddin'." A quick search turned up the script here. If I recall correctly, I played the part of Slim. Whoa, what a flashback. I wonder if my dad still has the video of the play...

Now back to our regularly scheduled post.

Last weekend my cousin Quentin got married. For weeks we debated over whether or not we should make the trip. It was around a three hour drive and Julie is very, very pregnant at this point. On top of that, Julie was neck deep in a major system roll out at work with her being the primary lead on the project. In fact, the deadline for the project was the day we would need to leave for the wedding. So basically, our attendance hinged on Julie's ability to manage this work project and still have the energy to make the trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Amazingly, Julie put in about 60 hours of work that week and was still feeling up for the road trip, so away we went. (Julie is about as amazing as they come.) It was good that we got to go because there was a major turn out of family members which is harder and harder to come by these days. The kids got meet many cousins they've never met before and they had a really, really good time.

Well, as usual these days, my photography opportunities were somewhat limited by my parenting duties. Our kids outnumber us and Julie is operating at 40% capacity. (This is a limitation of her body, not her will. For example, whereas she normally could corral two squirming toddlers on her lap, square inches of lap space now limit her to barely even one squirming toddler.) Unfortunately, I don't even have a picture of the bride and groom. But trust me, Quentin and Trish make a very beautiful couple. I really only got to snap photos for about twenty minutes and in that time I only got a few shots that were anything more than a blur.

Here are the few good ones I got, mainly taken on the dance floor that was entirely dominated by the five-and-under crowd. There were A LOT of little kids at this wedding. I don't even know how many. Trish's family is most likely under the impression that the Murphy's have no concept of birth control. Tomorrow I'll post more pictures that were taken the following day (when the kids were a little more free to roam) at Aunt Karen's house.

Jameson, by the way, is a dancing machine. He stayed on the dance floor until nearly 10:30 when he had to be dragged away, literally kicking and screaming. A four hour car trip, no nap and several hours of dancing going beyond bedtime makes for one very crabby (but very sound sleeping) three year old.

Is that "The Running Man," Amelia?

Cousins Andersen and Morgan cruising for chicks. Not sure who the wingman was.

"I let the ladies come to me."

Jameson's moves are way better than mine. Even the moves I break out after a few rum and cokes.

Ah yes, the ol' "Tackle Your Little Brother and Tickle Him to Death." A very popular dance in the 20s but making a bit of comeback today.

I think Amelia and Alyssa look very similar in many ways. But no one agrees with me.


LiLu said...

Her running man is better than mine will ever be...

Charity Donovan said...

How fun...and Julie IS truly AMAZING!!!!

Chatter said...

I have to agree with the rest of them; I don't see the resemblance.

Thank you guys SO much for making the trip! It was great to see you. Sorry we couldn't visit more. We are hoping to make it Labor Day. Think you'll be up for a day trip? Hope so!


Cheryle said...

fun pics (love Jameson's moves!), but the best part of the post?

"Julie is about as amazing as they come."

You're a smart, lucky, and very wise man! That means you must be pretty amazing yourself.

Hoolie said...

You're all too kind. I appreciate the compliments, but James gives me too much credit. I would not have made the trip had I not known I could count on him to make it as easy as possible for me.

Anonymous said...

Hoolie and James, thanks for coming! It was great seeing you both and the kids. Wish I could have visited more. Now I so want to come Labor Day, but it's not in the cards this year.


Trike said...

It's all about the teamwork, and you guys are good together.