Aug 2, 2009

All Figured Out

I printed a bunch of random photos, cut out the heads, and let Jameson glue them on blank paper and draw bodies for the heads. (I don't know... it sounded like fun.)

Here is a picture of my mom and dad.

His explanation of the drawing:

"That's Grandpa washing dishes. And that's Grandma. Telling Grandpa to wash more dishes."


Charity Donovan said...

As it should be!

Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound anything like clara and jim

Cheryle said...

Good Grandma! She knows how to live!

the projectivist said...

what a clever genius-child!
he's nailed it there.
i really wish that i could do without the impediments of breasts and stomach and bottom, imagine the time i'd save getting ready for work each day?

Anonymous said...

Has Jameson ever met mom or dad?