Jul 2, 2009

Toys Are a Waste of Money

A complete waste of money.

Jameson saw a little boy on TV stacking plastic cups (for sport?) and asked if he could have some cups to stack. It just so happened that in cleaning out the liquor cabinet, er, pantry, I came across a bunch of little plastic cups (presumably left over from Julie's white trash jello shot days?) that were perfect for stacking. I set them on the kitchen table and let him have at it. He sat there and played with these dumb plastic cups for two hours. WTF? I can't remember the last toy he got that occupied two consecutive hours of his time.

Plastic-ware from here on out for my kids. But only the good shit, like Solo and Dixie. None of that generic store brand crap.

Jameson's attention eventually turned from cheap plastic to expensive plastic -- namely my DSLR. The rest of these shots are his. This was the first time I set up the tripod for him and he really got a kick out of using it. I'm also beginning to think his photog skills will soon surpass mine. I liked the one shot of me so much that I made it my profile photo. (He had taken my previous profile photo, too.) I also showed him how to set the self-timer and he quickly became infatuated with it. The rest of the afternoon it was the only way he would take any pictures. I love the last photo, which was one of his early attempts at setting up a shot and then running around the camera to make sure he was included in the frame.


Anonymous said...

Two hours? Awesome! And he's a pretty good photographer!

Trike said...

It's a truism that kids like the box more than the toy. Can't slide down the stairs or make a spaceship out of the actual toy.

Where did you get all those cups? I thought they only came with Nyquil.

Lana said...

he's adorable!

and i just made my kid a maraca (sp?) this morning out of plastic cups, duct tape, and quinoa. it's her favorite new toy.

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

that's hysterical ... does he have a future career as a bartender, perhaps?