Jul 24, 2009

Primary Colors

The decision to be a stay at home dad wasn't an easy one. We knew that with all the benefits it would bring there were also some trade offs. One of those trade offs was giving up day care. When I was still working, Jameson went to the Goddard School three days a week. We loved it. He loved it. The teachers, his friends and the activity all made for a great experience that Julie and I sometimes feel guilty about taking away from Jameson. On his last day of school, his teacher, Miss Michelle, told him, "Jameson, you are welcome to come back to my classroom any time you want." Jameson took that to heart and on a few occasions he has asked to go back to Goddard and visit his friends. It's hard to argue with him because "Miss Michelle said I could!"

So, in an effort to make up for the lost learning experiences he was getting at the Goddard School (and assuage some of my guilt) I try to provide some school like activities for him at home. It's one of the reasons I bought the easel. My activities are probably not as well thought out and sometimes they're just simple art projects, but he seems to really enjoy them. The twins nap each day for an hour or two so that gives us some quiet time to do something one-on-one. (The rest of the day is like a bloody circus.)

Which brings us to yesterday's experiment: mixing colors. Basically, I filled up a bunch of little plastic containers with water and a couple drops of red, blue or yellow food coloring. Then I let Jameson mix them however he wanted. He loved it. And he learned a few things, too. He discovered what primary colors are and what a hypothesis is. And he wants to do it again today. Edutainment FTW.


Kirst said...

That is so awesome, your such a productive dad!

Trike said...

You have to keep topping yourself.

How long before you do this:

cake. said...

this is such a great idea. when i was little my mom would make homemade fingerpaints and we'd do something similar. one of my favorite things though, was she'd cover the table with a plastic cloth and spray shaving cream all over it and we'd draw in it. it was amazing {and messy}.

James said...

I like the shaving cream idea. We'll have to try that.