Jul 28, 2009

Pity Poe

I have like 79 cousins on one side of my family, give or take a dozen. Whatever the number, there's a lot of them. They are scattered all over the country from New Hampshire to California and they are all interesting, lovable, upstanding human beings. Really, I love hanging out with all of them. I especially love hanging out with them all at once in public places where we're like a swarm that makes anyone else around us uneasy, as if we're about to destroy their crops and livestock or something.

Today, though, I want to introduce you to my favorite cousin, Meagan. OK, I'm kidding, I don't play favorites with my relatives. (Psst, Meagan, if I did play favorites you would like totally be my favorite. Or at least top three.)

Favorite or not, Meagan is a very cool person. She has great taste in music, has an unbelievable job, is about to join the Peace Corp and has an interesting connection to Ben Harper. (And she's related to me which is at least a +2.) She blogs about her super crazy ass job and her budding relationship with her vintage bike and, hopefully, with some readership pressure (i.e. you guys), she'll continue to keep us posted more often than not on the happenings in her world (especially as she begins her Peace Corp work if that's at all possible).

Anyway, I just wanted to give her a shout out and point out her blog, too. (By the way, any other relatives who would like to be featured here, you know where to send the check.) Meagan, hope to catch up to you at Q's wedding.

I won't tell you what Meagan's job is -- you'll have to read her blog -- but I will give you some hints with these pictures.


JWD3 said...

Ghost hunter?

Chatter said...

LOL. Love the tribute to Poe!! Pity, you rock!! Great seeing you.

Anonymous said...

i feel so honored :)