Jul 7, 2009

Grabby's Still Got It

My mom (newly dubbed "Grabby"* by Amelia) watched the twins for me for a couple hours yesterday while Jameson and I ran some errands. More specifically, she was watching them while I went grocery shopping since I was too lazy (tired?) to do it Sunday night after the kids were asleep. Normally, I'm not against taking all three of the kids to the store. But this was a long grocery list and I knew securing such a massive haul of food while also pushing a stroller with twins due for a nap was parental suicide. I'm sometimes brave in the realm of single parent outings, but I'm not an idiot.

The twins are at that 18 months old, hyper-mobile, über-curious, danger-to-themselves-and-those-around-them stage, so babysitting them is no simple task. Now add to that the fact that Grabby was already watching my sister's hyper-mobile, über-curious, danger-to-himself-and-those-around-him son Andersen. Grabby deserves an award just for accepting the challenge.

Well, when we returned from the grocery store, this is how Jameson and I found Grabby and all the babies. Nice work, Grabby!

Did you notice Truman's hair in these pictures?!?! Uh-oh. Looks like we might have a ginger on our hands.

*While humorous, the name "Grabby" is actually a big improvement over Grandma's previous name interpretation. When Jameson was this age, he called her "Mamu." Like in Shamu. The whale. Sorry, mom, but I would have loved it if that one had stuck. Maybe we can resurrect it.


Anonymous said...

What great pics! I don't know HOW you do it with kids THAT close in age!!!

Anonymous said...

Grandmas Rock!


Trike said...

I know Clara's secret. She and Karen developed it to combat Curt's wayward antics, and I used to use it on you guys.

Maybe we'll tell you when you're older.

Charity Donovan said...

That top pic is PRICELESS! She is one talented woman!!!! =)

Mander said...

At least "Grabby" is better than what Andersen calls her...which just so happens to be what he calls everything/one else..."Dah"

Chatter said...

That is a great picture of "Grabby" with the babes. It's priceless. Truman is such a pretty babe. Andersen is getting so big!

James said...

Typical rules of parenting. The good advice isn't shared until long after it's useful.