Jul 16, 2009

Doctor Visit

Dr. Jameson suggested I get a full check up this morning despite my own assessment that I was feeling fine. Luckily I gave in to his suggestion because Dr. Jameson quickly discovered that I had a bone stuck in my heart. He recommended immediate surgery. I agreed to the procedure. I mean, there was a bone stuck in my heart. What other options did I have? Dr. Jameson declared the procedure a success, though there were some complications. Apparently, during the surgery my heart fell out and Dr. Jameson had to insert a new heart into my stomach. The doctor was a master surgeon, though, and I only required a small band-aid after the operation. I was, quite frankly, a little shocked to find out afterwards that the doctor had also replaced my face and given me a new butt. I have mixed feelings about the results.

Oh, and I got a prize for being such a good patient.


Anonymous said...

i am looking for a new doctor - do you think maybe you could put in a good word to Dr. Jameson for me?

JD3 said...

It's a good thing he replaced your face and gave you a new butt, because the originals were eerily similar.

James said...

Pity, he's unorthodox, but quite good. I'll give him your name.

John, I have a sinking feeling that all he did was switch the two.

Kirst said...

I LOVE this post!!!