Jun 3, 2009


Nothing in the world makes one feel old quite like watching one's favorite rock band age. You idolize them in your youth and that image stays with you. Then all of a sudden you see them live, decades later, and they've changed. The fact that they look old makes you feel old. It's usually an abrupt realization and it it sucks the air out of you. It's like when the Nazis open the Ark of the Covenant... wham, now you're ancient.

I had that moment Monday night during Conando's first spin as The Tonight Show host. Pearl Jam was the musical guest. Man, did Eddie and the gang look old. Crowd surfing Eddie Vedder had been replaced by I-take-a-multi-vitamin-and-like-to-work-in-my-yard Eddie Vedder. Whoa. It's only a matter of years before my kids are buying me Pearl Jam boxed sets for Christmas because they know I like that "old music." Maybe if I'm lucky they'll get me overpriced concert tickets so I can get dressed up in my nicest khakis and button down shirt to go out for a nice evening of classic arena grunge.


WoodHugger said...

Dang, I thought those guys looked rather youthful. However, Eddie moved a little non-spry-like.

Jim said...

good tune though