Jun 27, 2009

Surprise! (Don't Be Mad)

I'm rolling the dice a little today. I've planned a surprise party/cookout in Julie's honor. We're less than ten weeks away from welcoming baby number four into the family and I don't think we've made much fuss about it. Julie has been incredibly busy at work. I've been incredibly busy not strangling the kids. We haven't had much time to reflect on the fact that we'll soon have another life in our home. And, frankly, the novelty of pregnancy has worn off a little this third time around. It's not to say that Julie isn't 100% aware that she's the size of a beach ball, is constantly kicked from the inside out, and is perpetually tired, hungry and ready to pee. We are all well aware that she's pregnant. But I don't think we've given Julie or this baby their proper due. We haven't looked at any baby name books. No need to shop for baby clothes. No wild ass speculation about the sex of the baby. Much of the lack of hype is a credit to Julie. Physically and mentally she's handled this pregnancy better than the previous two. She's been diligent about watching her blood sugar. She was still taking karate classes up until a few weeks ago. (Don't worry, no sparring.)

So, I decided to invite some neighbors, friends and local family over to lavish a little attention on Julie and the new baby. Right now she's off to the salon for a haircut and a facial. When she gets back we'll surprise her.

Now please pray for me that this isn't the exact opposite of what a six and a half month pregnant, full-time working, mother of three would want.


Charity Donovan said...

Awwwwww...i think it's sweet! She'll be thrilled!!! You were smart to do it right after a new haircut & facial. After a jog around the neighborhood or karate class...you'd probably end up in the doghouse! lol!

Trike said...

She'll love it, and love you all the more for being so thoughtful.

And just to cover my bases: Nice knowin' ya, man.

Anonymous said...

I think that THAT is extremely kind and sweet! You took EVERYTHING into your own hands and did it all! What woman WOULDN'T want that? Hope you had fun!

James said...

It always sounds sweet in my head, but you never know with a pregnant woman. All bets are off when you're seven months in.