Jun 4, 2009

SAHD - Day 3

Being a night owl and SAHD do not mix well. I should be in bed. Shoulda been in bed two hours ago. I'll keep this one short and sweet and post a few pictures from my first week of boot camp. Sorry, I didn't snap a picture of Truman covered in poo. (Not out of respect for my children but because I was too frazzled to think of it.)

Today's High: Multiple compliments from Meijer grocery patrons who were amazed at my bravery for shopping with three little kids.
Today's Low: Twenty minutes later when Jameson threw a full on tantrum because I wouldn't buy a toy for him. In his (screaming, crying) words: "I've been so good and some other stranger kid is going to come buy MY toy!"

Tomorrow, I try again.

Day 2 was easier than Day 1 once I realized they sold toddler storage containers.

This is the storm that was dropping funnel clouds all over the area and sent us to the basement for dinner. The second photo is of rotational clouds right over our house. I'm sure they look like regular clouds in this picture, but trust me, they had some wicked spinning going on. I would have dug out the video camera, but Julie was yelling at me to get my ass in the basement.

I've been trying to go with no naps for Jameson, but he doesn't always have enough gas in the tank. He fell asleep in the chair by our computer while I was cleaning up after lunch one day. This is a very strange chair to have for a computer, but, whatever.

Things always get fun around here when a raucous game of "Steal Truman's Pants" breaks out. It's entertainment for the whole family! (Especially Amelia.) Hey, at least there's no biting or crying in this game. I LOVE the last picture of Busey, er Amelia, escaping with the prized pants.

I love that Jameson enjoys setting the dinner table. I REALLY LOVE that all the silverware is uniformly placed upside down as he makes his way around the table. It's weird, I guess, but this is the kind of thing that makes my heart totally melt.

When "Steal Truman's Pants" gets old, you can always just burry Amelia under a bunch of toys. This Rubbermaid container must be involved in 75% of the playtime in our house.


Trike said...

Your kids are crazy.

Almost the way you and your siblings were.

(I'm *still* haunted by Hannah's demented cackling whenever I would change her diaper.)

James said...

And I'm know you and Curt were the picture of sensibility and sanity!

Charity Donovan said...

The silverware upside-down rules!!!! I love Amelia's hair by the way...I think maybe she was separated from Meredith at birth!!!! lol!

Caroline said...

Re: “some other stranger kid is going to come buy MY toy", have you been watching When Harry Met Sally together again? Strikingly similar to Carrie Fisher saying, “All I'm saying is that somewhere out there is the man you are supposed to marry. And if you don't get him first, somebody else will, and you'll have to spend the rest of your life knowing that somebody else is married to your husband.”

James said...

Charity - I agree, Amelia and Meredith look like they could be sisters. Seems they have some personality similarities, too...

Caroline - Nice call! I haven't dusted off WHMS for Jameson just yet. Though, the one time Curt babysat, we came home to find out he and Jameson were watching The Dark Knight together. Curt's a work in progress on the babysitting front.

Aaron Houser said...

Love the picture of Jameson with his dukes up.

Jim said...

I am soooo on board with the spoon and knife pointing towards the individual about to eat. If you think about it...it makes more sense.