Jun 3, 2009

SAHD - Day 2

I can officially cross "be a stay at home parent for at least two days" off of my bucket list.

Day two was much better than the first day, though not at first glance. The circumstances were actually similar or worse than the previous day, but mentally things were better. Which means they're either breaking me, or I'm just slipping into plain old insanity. I didn't start wishing I was sitting in a bar until 4:30 today... two hours better than yesterday.

It wasn't all rainbows and unicorns, though.

The AC isn't going to be fixed until Friday morning, but mother nature threw us a bone by topping out at only 63 degrees today. It was a mixed blessing though, because we achieved this comfortable temperature thanks to nonstop rain the entire day. This meant no trip to the park and no backyard escapes. This also meant I felt like I was living in a six foot by six foot box with Nick Swardson, Rosie O'Donnell and a tasmanian devil. The kids dropped the constant fighting today but replaced it with a marathon "who can be the loudest" competition. Amelia won. This was all fluff, though, compared to what happened after nap time.

When I went to retrieve the twins from their room post-nap, I found Amelia smiling over her crib wall waiting for me. Across the room I also saw Truman smiling and eagerly awaiting my arrival. Except. Oh except. Except Truman was covered in... shit. Head to toe. On his clothes. On the rungs of his crib. On his pillow. On his blanket. On his book. He's got a bit of stomach bug and the ill effects managed to work their way out his diaper and onto everything else. Oh god it was everywhere.

This kinda puts a wrinkle in one's day.

My other two kids have never messed a bed like this before. This, however, was Truman's second time. The other time, though, I had help. Today I was alone. In a way it was a good thing this was the second time it has happened because I felt like I had adequate disaster preparation for this particular situation. (Like I just kept thinking to myself: "Remember your training, remember your training. Don't think about it, just do it.") You know, maybe if it had been a jelly bean stuffed up his nose I might have panicked. Wallowing in poo? Nah, I've got that covered.

Despite the headaches, it was a good day. By the time Julie got home, I had a nice dinner on the table and everything was back to normal. I even had time to bake a cake for dessert. Yes, I bake. In fact, I'm a much better baker than I am a cook. I'm working on the cooking part, though.

Looking back, I can't believe this all happened in just two days. It makes me a little fearful for what's in store tomorrow.


Chatter said...

LOL. Poop has become such a normal part of my life. Lately I've been averaging 6 poopie diapers a day and wiping Conner's ass about 3 x's a day. Meanwhile, I go to bed and can't remember if I even took a shit that day. Your memory will soon be lost James... Get ready.

Trike said...

Kids are gross.

Parents, apparently, are worse.

Anonymous said...

Gross, gross, gross, but also funny.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god this was a funny blog! I had a similar experience with Mikayla a few years ago. My husband walked in about 30 seconds after I had cleaned up the mess and was laughing hysterically. Not so funny at that point. The worst part was that she use to suck on her index and middle fingers and well...she must have done the playing with poo prior to her falling asleep and well let's just say the only part of her not covered in poo were those two fingers! GROSS! If you ever want to have a play date on a Tuesday or Wednesday let me know, my kids would love to play.

Angie (Carruth) Petrovic

James said...

The parenthood lifestyle can nearly be summed up with the word "gross."

cake. said...

your blog was good before but i have the feeling that it's going to get a whole lot better. :)

James said...

Cake - I don't know if I can take things getting any "better."