Jun 17, 2009

Naked Nudity

I thought that might get your attention. It's time for the obligatory naked kids in the bathtub shots. Over the course of their lives these photos will be trotted out at key viewing opportunities that maximize embarrassment. For new girlfriends or boyfriends, prom dates, graduation parties, job interviews, political campaigns etc. It's my duty as a parent.


Chatter said...

The kids are getting SO big. And I'm pretty sure Truman is the prettiest boy I've ever seen. Love the pictures! Will you guys be at Q's wedding (7/31)?

James said...

Truman gets it from his dad. I'd like to make it up there for the wedding. I wasn't sure if it was a big invite the whole family kind of deal. The end of July might be pushing it depending on how Julie is feeling. I'm convinced she's going to pop in August. If we can make it up, it would be great to see you guys and get all the kids together.

Trike said...

Quinten's getting married?