Jun 19, 2009

Man Time

Kings IslandImage via Wikipedia

I'm taking the show on the road today. Abuela (Grandma Maria) has graciously offered to take the twins for the day so that Jameson and I can head off to Kings Island. I'm very stoked about this. (I'm considering it an early Father's Day present.) We haven't had the chance to kick it in quite some time and whenever we do hang out, we have a kick ass time. Last year, Jameson was too short to ride all but the smallest of rides. He's probably grown 1/10 of an inch since then (Kids, eat your vegetables!) but I'm going to cross my fingers hoping we can ride something with at least a little bit of an excitement factor. The Dora the Explorer train ride is fun and all, but...

I'm packing the camera (of course) and I'll snap some iPhone pictures along the way, too. I'm pumped. We're going to eat all kinds of crap food, act like idiots and risk life and limb -- basically all the stuff that mom would normally discourage. Maybe we'll even get tattoos for good measure. (Don't fall asleep.)

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