Jun 8, 2009

Here We Go Again

I survived the first week of stay-at-home life. I seemed to have gotten a handle on things as the week progressed. Now I get to start up again Monday morning and hopefully the improvements continue. Any one of the kids could throw everything out of whack at any given moment, but generally speaking I think it will be possible to settle into some efficient routines. Last Friday, for example, went pretty smoothly. I think I'll need at least one of those effortless days each week to make sure I keep my sanity.

I just got done with some late night grocery shopping to make sure I'm as prepared as possible for the week ahead. It's a good time to shop because: a) I don't have any kids with me and b) the store is nearly empty. The bad news is that the produce and meat selections were iffy at best, so I still have a few more things to get tomorrow. Since I have to make another trip to the store anyway, that pretty much makes tonight's trip a waste of time. Sure, it will make for a much shorter trip with the kids, but just packing them up and taking them to the store at all is a chore. Shopping with the kids is relatively easy. Getting in and out with the kids is a challenge. The checkout line in particular is not fun. Checkout lines were designed by the devil himself. All civility breaks down in that candy and magazine hell. In a blink, a peaceful trip to the store can turn into a nightmare.

There's one other must-do on my list tomorrow: Get my nerd on and follow the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. It starts at 1:00 PM, and I'll be following the Gizmodo Liveblog. I'm hoping we get some meaty iPhone upgrades. Even better would be some sort of new product announcement, like a tablet of some kind, but that's a pipe dream. It will also be interesting to see if Mr. Jobs makes an appearance as is rumored.

Time to get some rest.

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Trike said...

That's exactly why stores have tabloid/candy-free aisles now. To save parents -- and those standing behind them -- from the nightmare scenario.