Jun 30, 2009

European Vacation

I've got to get my ass in shape if I'm going to run the Air Force half marathon in September. Having completely stopped running at this point, I have just enough time to get in shape for this 13-miler. If I start running now. So I'd better get on it. This is the whole reason I committed to the race. The only thing that will motivate me to run is to commit to an actual race and pay the entry fee. Then I'll be required to run the race. And if I don't want to completely embarrass myself in that race, then I must start running to prepare. Apparently fear of failure and embarrassment are the only things that can motivate me to actually run.

Meanwhile, this young chap is spending his summer running across Europe. I guess he's a little more motivated with this running thing.



SRA said...

Have you ever tried running with the kids? Like with a jogging stroller? I used to run with a friend's daughter and the only thing that kept me running was that if I stopped or slowed down she tried to climb out. I know it may be a bit harder with 3 but hey, they may really keep you going!

James said...

Ha! I've got enough weight to carry as it is! Maybe when I'm in a little better shape.