Jun 10, 2009


I've cooked more dinners in the last two weeks than I probably cooked in the previous three months. Unfortunately for my family, I'm a mediocre cook at best. The good news is that I like learning and I think I'm getting better. Maybe by the end of the year I'll actually be good.

So far, I enjoy the challenge of coming up with meal ideas every night. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before there's some burnout, but hopefully it's later rather than sooner. In the meantime, I hope I can put together more winners than losers. My skill set lies in grilling chicken, burgers, steaks and fish on the grill and I can fall back on that when necessary.

Tonight I made this burgundy pork tenderloin recipe I found on AllRecipes.com. This website is pretty much my go-to source for meals every night. I thought this particular recipe was OK at best. But the kids ate it and it was really easy so I think it's going to go into recipe box for now. I want to keep a rotation of about a dozen regular recipes going for fail safe dinners. I'll try out new ones every so often and bump old ones out when a new recipes scores well, especially with the kids.

Since I've started staying home the days have FLOWN by. Faster than they have at any job I've ever had (except maybe waiting tables). I think part of the reason is all the food prep. Wake up, figure out breakfast. Get everyone fed and cleaned up and it's nearly time to figure out lunch. Get everyone fed and cleaned up and it's nearly time to figure out dinner. Bam, another day gonzo.

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Ashley said...

www.kraftfoods.com has some good recipes...best thing about this site is that it's all pretty easy. Also, I never really used to look on the back of any food labels, but start checking them out because more often than not, there are recipes on there...soups, noodles, meat - most foods:) Sounds like you're having fun!!!!