May 14, 2009

The Economy Sucks

And, as we found out, when the economy sucks, the Dayton Auto Show sucks. This year's event was pretty much like walking through a dealer lot. There were few, if any, concept, custom or exotic cars. It's been awhile since I've attended one of these shows, so maybe this is now the norm.

(By the way, I'm oh so close to getting caught up on posting pictures.)

Kip, Jameson and Curt.

Apparently cargo space is the most important spec for Jameson. He wanted to check out the rear of every vehicle we examined.

"Hey, I fit in this one, too!"

I'm not much of an American muscle guy, but I do love the new Camaro. Maybe it's because the first car I legally drove was a Camaro. Or because I can't look at it and not picture it transforming into a badass thirty foot tall robot.

Them's some big wheels.

What car show would be complete without a rock climbing wall?

Kip explaining to Curt the, um, size requirements for driving a Corvette.


Trike said...

The Dayton car show has always been pretty lame. You should roadtrip to Detroit's or Chicago's. I was at Chicago when Toyota rolled out the Rav4... there were more Rav4s at the Chicago show than there were cars at the Dayton show.

WoodHugger said...

Yeah, but did the Chicago auto show crush a car into 5' by 4' cube and let you guess what it was? (winning guess got a huge plasma tv)

Trike said...

No, the Chicago show did not do that. They did raffle off a Jaguar and you did get to talk to random Playboy Bunnies, though. Plus, sit in a Ferrari as well as a Ford concept truck. All of that was almost as good.