May 16, 2009

Easter 2009

The great Easter photo update. I've got quite a few. Many of you have probably seem them plastered around Facebook and Flickr, but I think I've mixed a few different ones in here. These are all from my parents' back yard. This is where my brother, three sisters and I grew up. The house is tiny, but the yard more than made up for the cramped quarters. It's a good thing it was a nice day because we were overrun with kids. Something like a dozen kids aged eight and under. And only four of them girls. And plenty hopped up on Easter candy. Yikes.

And they're off!

Blue steel.

These cheeks were made for pinchin'.

That ain't right.

Definitely ain't right.


Sup, ladies.

Jameson, ticklish? Noooooo.

Now left. Great. The camera loves you, baby.

No comment.

Built for two?

Hell yes I found an egg!

I'm afraid it's the glue factory for you.

The classic skull-to-the-groin move. I taught Jameson that one.

And grandpa is going...


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