May 5, 2009

Boonshoft Museum

I'm still at least a month behind on photo uploads.

Back in what I believe was March (maybe it was April) we went to the Boonshoft Museum. It's the local children's/science/natural history museum. It's not as grandiose as, say, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, or COSI, but it's still got enough going on to keep a three year old busy for a whole day. They've got a nice mix of hands on exhibits, education and entertainment and even some cool animal displays. Jameson sure enjoyed it. We attended a short science show and Jameson got to participate "on stage" for one of the audience participation bits. When the presenter asked for volunteers, Jameson's hand shot up immediately which was a little surprising to begin with, but I was even more surprised that he actually went up by himself and performed in front of a bunch of total strangers. I wouldn't call him shy, but he's only three and when he was chosen from the audience I wasn't sure he'd actually go through with it once he realized he'd be participating without me. But he did it. And he was oh so cute. It was a performance art piece. Several people were acting out the various processes involved in a working combustion engine and Jameson's job was to spin around -- something definitely within his skill set. You can see his work below.

Maybe the best part of the whole museum was the three and a half story climbing and sliding structure built right in the middle of the museum.
The picture doesn't do it justice.
It was pretty much super awesome.

Jameson would have easily spent the entire day going up and down the slide thingy.
I nearly had to drag him away.

Jameson getting instructions for his performance.

He's playing the part of some spinning thing in an engine.
Whatever that might be.

Of course, no science show is complete without fire.


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