Apr 4, 2009

Waterbabies at Great Wolf Lodge


Charity Donovan said...

I've heard these are awesome...let me know what you think! Your little swimmers look adorable as usual! Have fun!

James said...

It's a lot of fun for the kids as long as you don't mind sharing bacteria with a water park full of kids.

Big rooms
Most everything designed to be kid friendly
The water park itself is as good as any traditional water park, only smaller
The water park has specialized areas for guests of all ages
Guests are almost exclusively families with young kids
Plenty of other things to do besides the water park
The kids LOVE it
Nice Aveda spa for mom

Food is kid friendly but not exactly outstanding
During peak times (like spring break this week) it is insanely crowded
Despite the heated water, everyone will end a few hours in the water park with blue lips

This is the second time we've gone and I'm sure it's not the last. Previously we went the weekend after Labor Day and the place was half empty, so we'll probably plan future trips around that time of year. The park itself is fun and it's a great option for a weekend mini-vacation. Until the kids are older I wouldn't consider more than a couple nights there. This time we rented a "kid cabin" room which includes a walled off cabin like room with a TV and bunk beds -- very cool and highly recommended. It's a water park, so the bottom line is the more kids you're taking the more hands you'll need. (Bed times are a piece of cake with completely worn out kids every night.)