Apr 23, 2009

Three Men and Three Babies

A couple of months ago, Curt, Kip and I packed up the kiddos and headed down to Cincinnati to check out the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum Center. Julie was at a wedding shower, so this was a motherless road trip with all three of the little ones. We got a lot of looks while we were there, but we held our own. I think everyone had a good time. On the 35 minute trip home, Curt, Kip, Jameson, Truman and Amelia all fell asleep. Hopefully Julie also enjoyed having a nice, stress-free afternoon filled with stimulating adult conversation, uninterrupted meals and general mental relaxation. More importantly, hopefully she remembers that wonderful day when I tell her I'm playing golf this Saturday.

The whole day went pretty smoothly. Here is some insight from Curt:
"At the museum I unbuckled the twins from their carriages to lift them up and watch 8 coins go round and round in one of those awesome yellow coin vortex devices (this device had 8 coin slots and room for 20 kids to pile around). Just as I raised them both up, the last coins fell in, and all 20 kids left. Then I spent the next 10 minutes trying to put the twins back in the carriages. One would run off while I tried in vain to strap in the other flipping, flailing, nearly crying twin. As I ran to fetch the fleeing rugrat, the other would run off in the opposite direction. Eventually Truman was half topless as he pulled away and I held his shirt. Trying to dress Truman with one hand, Ameila flipped in my other arm, and gently konked her head on the carriage. I tried to comfort her, so Truman split. She cried while I chased Truman around. Other mothers were staring at me like I had kidnapped them. Thankfully Kip and James showed up and I handed each of them a cranky, red-faced, tortured little child."

Unfortunately, I didn't do a lot of picture taking that day. I had the twins most of the time and it was best to keep them moving rather than work on my photography. Here are the few I did take.

Here's the way cool brontosaurus that greeted us.

The Museum Center is an awesome, art deco building originally designed as a railroad terminal.
Now the complex houses several museums including a pretty slick children's museum.

This is a big flag. I said I didn't take a lot of pictures. This is as good as it gets.

This is a mural celebrating travel and commerce. I know, sweet, right?

Not surprisingly, Truman and Amelia had different takes
on the value of spending four hours at a museum.

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