Apr 25, 2009

Next, Get a Job

We're about to have fourth child. Our oldest is only three years old. That can be frightening. Very frightening.

One thing that gives me hope, though, is Jameson's ever increasing independence. Well, he's actually always been super independent, but more and more he can put that independence to good use. Sometimes, I forget that he's only three. It's a compliment to him, but it can occasionally add friction to our relationship. I get so used to his maturity that when he does have a "bad" day, it usually takes me awhile to remember he's only three. In the meantime, I end up getting us both worked up because I'm treating him like he's an adult. You know, I lose my temper a little when he forgets to cut the grass or he leaves a load of laundry wet in the washer or forgets to pack his lunch for school. Once I've reduced him to tears, then it hits me -- oh yeah, he's a toddler.

Here are some pictures of Jameson the helper.

Some english muffin pizzas at lunch.

Jameson helping at dinner time.

Sometimes those babies just... won't... cooperate.


Charity Donovan said...

Holy HILARIOUS! I have not been giving Aidan enough to do!!! I am going to put that boy to work!

Anonymous said...

I was seriously laughing out loud just now at the picture of Jameson about to pry open Truman's mouth!! what a big helper though, too sweet :)

Chatter said...

This is my favorite post yet! I too love the pic of him prying Truman's mouth open. Way to go Jameson! LOL.

WoodHugger said...

Don't worry James, it's really, REALLY easy to make Jameson cry. At any time just say, "time for bed".