Apr 15, 2009

Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire


Can you click a mouse button? If yes, then you've got the skills I need.

The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire (more than a shelter) is competing online for a $20,000 grant. The award will go to the shelter that gets the most votes between now and July 26th. You can vote EVERY DAY. It only takes a few seconds and your vote could help a really great and deserving organization. The Animal Rescue League is headed up by my cousin-in-law, Caroline, who works tirelessly for the animals of New Hampshire. She was kind enough (gullible enough?) to marry into my family and keep an eye on my cousin Doug, so showing a little support for her shelter is the least I can do to say thanks. It's so simple! Bookmark the page and you can vote everyday in a matter of seconds.

Visit the ARL website for details on how to vote or simply click below to figure it out yourself (click on the big "Click Here to Give" button first). Remember, you're voting for the ANIMAL RESCUE LEAGUE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.


A little more about the ARL:

"The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire is a non-profit organization, incorporated in 1904, with the mission to protect, rescue & adopt animals to the public. The ARL receives no Federal, State or United Way funds for support & is solely dependent upon fundraising events & private donations to support its cause.

Each year, this shelter helps approximately 1,400 animals by providing them a safe haven until loving, adoptive homes can be found for them. We also intervene in cases of animal cruelty."
- The ARL Website

Vote every day!




Lani said...

Thanks for grabbing our button!
Just for that, I voted:)
Actually, it's a great cause so I am happy to help!

Caroline said...

Thanks for the promo, James. We're holding steady at #2 in the state, so we need all the daily votes we can get!

Weenie is excited that you are helping his alma mater.

James said...

My pleasure. Too bad I only have 4 readers and you know all of them.

Stay long, Weenie. Stay long.